Discover the outstanding and exciting opportunities which await you during your summer or winter holidays in Salzburg! Wagrain, your vacation destination offers a wealth of sporting and recreational activities for your SalzburgerLand get away.

Winterholidays in Wagrain, in the middle of Ski amadé.

Your winter holidays in Wagrain will lead you to the biggest ski area in all of Austria. Even away from the action on the slopes and at the ski lodges, Wagrain offers a variety-packed winter programme that serves as a never-ending source of excitement.

A winter getaway in Wagrain isn’t just about skiing alone. Many visitors come to Wagrain in winter for far different reasons. The charm of this family-friendly winter region and the heartfelt hospitality of the Wagrainers themselves have resulted in long-lasting friendships spanning many years. Many come year after year to Wagrain – three generations of the same family in some cases, because the broad variety of winter activities guarantees there are always activities that will appeal to everyone’s personal interests.

A Wagrain Summer in the Hills – SalzburgerLand Vacations

Wagrain is all about unforgettable experiences and variety-packed activities in one of the most beautiful holiday regions in all of Austria. This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about the vacation opportunities which await you during your summer holidays in Salzburg.

Whatever your choice, you always know you are going to be out and about amid the incomparable Alpine pastures of Salzburg’s mountain world. Wagrain Summer in the Hills treats you to healthy mountain air, refreshing dips in streams and lakes, and to the unique fragrances of high meadows flecked with Alpine herbs. Our pristine countryside is also the setting in which to enjoy an array of culinary creations, which you will be able to savour at any one of our wonderfully charming Alpine huts and hill farms.

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